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La La Queen – bespoke label you need to know

With the new season’s fashion so much inspired by the splendid spirits of decades past, I cannot but introduce the very special brand that looks to the past but imagines for a new generation – La La Queen! The brand specialising in handmade leather handbags stands out from the sea of brands with their timeless designes revamped for the spirit of now! As a young brand La La Queen develops rapidly having already participated in the UK’s biggest fashion exhibition PureLondon. Sally Sarieddine, the founder and creative mind behind La La Queen, caters to women with rich souls and magical hearts. She is not afraid of history repeating as she chooses to treat us ladies with nothing but royalty. Today I have a chance to speak to this talented woman and share her love for the timeless bespoke label.11012670_10153176849589292_1208869799683721712_n-1

M.R: When did you first get into design?

S.S: Design has always been something I love. When I joined Central Saint Martins in 2010, I didn’t know that I would end up with a fashion label. I have a curiosity to always learn new things and when I entered the world of fashion and design I received a lot of encouragement from family and friends so I took things one step at a time, and today I stand with a fashion label.

M.R: La La Queen – what is hidden behind the name?


La La Queen is more than bespoke fashion label

it’s a philosophy – a journey of self-discovery and self-expression, trickling in as a fashion statement. Nothing is hidden about the name it is a state of being.

M.R: How long is the journey between a scratch and an actual bag?

S.S: It depends, usually it starts when an idea is developed, and then we find purpose for our idea, what does this idea serve? The research process then starts. The research is inspired by culture, sustainability and design. Creating a mood board, rough sketches and sitting with my production team to complete this process. After the first sample is produced a 1-Month testing period is necessary. If the design requires a little modification then feedback is given to production team and then the collection is produced.

M.R: You are not just a bag brand, your designs are bespoke! Does it also mean that a person can contact you having his/her own design in mind?

S.S: Yes. We do cater to that as well. We love collaborating with new minds.

M.R: What are the challenges you have faced as a bespoke brand?

S.S: Everything comes with its challenges. I am blessed to have good support network and insights on business consultancy. It is not about the challenge its about how you manage and move forward with them to build better.

M.R: What materials do you use?

S.S: Genuine leather.

M.R: The zest of your collection is the Dr.Bag! Where did that come from?

S.S: The Dr.Bag is inspired by vintage.

To have vintage products today it means that it is of good quality and the design of it is timeless.

It also stems from a little personal story. I was in a little vintage boutique in Florence when I saw an original vintage Dr. Bag that belonged to a Dr. back in the days and I was inspired from that day on.

M.R: What is the price range of your handbags?

S.S: We have a low, medium and a high range to cater to all.

M.R: So can we define La La Queen brand as luxurious?

S.S: It depends on what you mean when you say luxurious. Words can be a little tricky depending on perspective.

We are luxurious when it comes to the journey of the woman carrying the bag.

A feeling of luxury when you are true, fulfilled and invest in beautiful things because you believe that.

M.R: What is the ultimate goal for your brand?

S.S: For it to be an international sustainable brand that hopefully will create a culture shift in the Middle East.

M.R: Where can our readers find you next?

S.S: We are always looking for new opportunities and collaborations. Our next event is going to be Beirut Design Week in June where we will be giving a presentation on Sustainable Fashion. Also, we are very active on our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@LalaQueenMe). We are always updating our readers with our news and projects.

M.R: What is your favourite bag from your collection and why?

S.S: The Dr. Bag! Its timeless, simple, understated yet elegant and classy. Also very practical.

M.R: Last but not the least! What top essential items do you always carry in your bag?

S.S: Phone and keys

M.R: Thank you, Sally

All materials and pictures are kindly furnished and shall be solely owned by Sally Sarieddine from La La Queen.

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